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What is Trabacus?
  • A comprehensive, web-based ERP designed to cater to the evergrowing needs of organizations in the travel industry.
  • Ability to completely automate all business functions of a travel firm.
  • Built completely using open-source technologies, thus reducing the overall cost of acquisition.
  • No user-licenses and technology costs.
  • Plug and play using the SaaS delivery model on cloud.

Salient Features of Trabacus
  • Excellent, web-based user-friendly interface culminates in reduced overall costs & increased efficiency.
  • Highly intelligent system ensures smooth operations by assisting users in their transactions.
  • No costs for training/support result in reduced total cost of ownership & high return on investment.
  • Cloud based delivery model allows scaling up at any point in time and at extremely low cost.

Customer & Vendor Management
  • Maintain your complete customer data including passenger names & information, addresses, travel specific information such as passport details, preferences etc.
  • Create customer categories and add customers to the same for better organization of your customer information.
  • Send marketing mails to few/all your customers in one go.
  • Store your list of vendors with whom you partner for your daily business needs.
  • Organize your vendor list by adding various information such as addresses, account information and categorizing them based on regions they cater to, services they offer or any other aspect.
Customer Relationship Management
  • Record all travel related customer requirement whileyou are attending the customer on phone or configure the system to do the same for you when you receive an email.
  • Send enquiries to your vendors with the click of a button.
  • Schedule phonecalls/meetings and the system shall remind you of the same.
  • Manage your (and your team's) travel calendar – get reminded of who is flying when to which place.
  • Have a check list for your executives in place.
  • Record feedback from your customer before closing the lead.
Products Management
  • Store all your product related information to be used at a later stage.
  • Create your standard packages and have them retrieved with the click of a button.
  • Store all your hotels' information and price lists applicable for different room categories.
  • Store your Visa & Insurance products and all information pertaining to the same.
  • Complete functionality to store your cruise pricing data.
  • Send itineraries or visa information with the click of a button when requested by customers.
Sales & Purchase Management
  • Create holiday packages with numerous alternatives for the customer.
  • Pull your standard holiday packages from the products and edit the same as per your customer's requirement. Create new products from these edited holiday packages.
  • Provision to include Visa/Insurance/Sightseeing & Other costs as part of the package.
  • Create sale orders for other services including hotels, flights, transport, visa, insurance or railways.
  • Generate & print hotel/transport vouchers with the click of a button.
  • Functionality to create multiple invoices for one sale.
  • Purchase side entries automatically calculated for each vendor.
  • Functionality to re-confirm bookings with the vendors by sending a mail.
Accounting & Finance
  • Create separate party accounts for each customer/vendor.
  • Generate customer/vendor invoices directly from sale records.
  • Configure automatic addition of sale side/purchase side taxes to products.
  • Create credit notes to the customer and have the rates picked up automatically by the system and also generate debit notes to the vendors accordingly.
  • Maintain bank statements and cash registers.
  • Generate a host of legal & financial reports, including comprehensive P & L, Balance Sheet statements, detailed party ledgers, servicetax & TDS reports etc.
Reporting & Administration
Customer Relationship Management
  • Daily/weekly/monthly activity reports.
  • Customer feedback reports.
  • Detail and summary sales reports providing details of profitability service/customer/salesmanwise.
  • Detailed & summary incentive report that helps organization gauge performance of sales executives.
  • Outstanding report, Service tax register, TDS report, Bank Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Ledger Reports and many more.
Regulated User Access
  • Create new users and grant/revoke access rights based on their role.
Human Resource Management (Optional)
  • Maintain records of your employees right from the recruitment stage.
  • Keep track of employee attendance & leaves.
  • Manage your complete recruitment process.
  • Keep track of expenses reimbursed by employee.
  • Create salary structures and assign employees against the same.
  • Use the payroll module of the system to calculate total salary payable for the month and generate payslips automatically.
  • Use the evaluation module for periodic appraisals of employees.
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